Amanda moved from England to New Zealand in 1995 and has been practicing performance equine dentistry since 2001. She is a Certified Equine Dental Technician who has studied at both The Academy of Equine Dentistry in USA and The College of Equine Dentistry in Australia.

She lives in Waimauku, west of Auckland with her husband Scott and two children Abby and Ruby. She works in the greater Auckland area, but is available for bookings in other areas upon request.

Amanda obtained her certification level in October 2004 and returns every 18 months to school to upgrade her skills.

Amanda is dedicated and passionate about providing the highest level of dental care to a full range of equines from performance and race horses to pleasure hacks, miniatures and pet donkeys.

Why is it so important to only use a Certified Equine Dental Technician ?

There are currently large differences in standards of equine dental care in New Zealand.

Certified Equine Dental Technicians have undergone hundreds of hours of training in equine dentistry and oral health procedures, equine anatomy and oral biomechanics, to become competent practitioners who are educated in prophylaxis and equilibration of equine dentition.

Certified Equine Dental Technicians are required to, and are committed to, continuing their education in order to protect their integrity and the wellbeing of the horse. Continuing education is required in many professions and trades and it is essential in the equine dental industry in order to keep current with the latest theoretical advancements and techniques.

Certified Equine Dental Technicians will undertake a thorough assessment of each horse, using a full mouth speculum and headlight so they will be able to educate horse owners to help them better understand the needs of their animals.

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